Kratom Key Chain Contest

Kratom Key Chain Contest – The winner of the American Red Vein Fresh Leaf was picked out of the 5 names generated by the lottery. To say we were surprised with the community response would be an understatement, all of us here have been overwhelmed by your support and attention to our products and goals. For those that weren’t picked, you can always reenter for the next lottery. Of course you could also head over and get one for yourself for $4.99 or two for $5.99 and help us plant some more trees to continue this experiment!


1  s****** Stephanie (30x American grown fresh green red vein leaf 4xkeychains)

2  l******* Charrity (2x keychain)

3 s******** Evans (2x keychain)

4 N*******  Nyles (2x keychain)

5 s******** Britani (2x keychain)


Try our American Leaf bundle

We decided to make a bundle of our favorite products grown at the grove. Sample 30 fresh leaf, our crushed, crushed teabags, and get a pair of keychains all for one price of $35 shipped!


Rooted Cuttings

We have finally straightened out our processes and will be making a large amount of rooting cuttings available. If you ordered a cutting in the past, we will be reaching out to you individually.  We will be making those available for $40 (including shipping), with two vein colors (10x green, and 15x red).


American Kratom Art Supplies

Due to request we have introduced the raw preserved leaf we use for our keychains. Limited stock $15 for 30x intact naturally preserved American leaf.

Preserved American Kratom Leaf (For art projects only)


Monthly Kratom Gifts Program

Sign up for $25 a month to have yourself and or a friend receive a premium grown American products in the form of a surprise monthly package. Last month we sent out Keychains, and our natural American red vein fresh leaf. Next month we are sending out teabags made from the infertile flowers (makes a bitter tea), and more. You can even vote by poll to select the items.


HeadShops & Kratom Vendors Friends

We have received a lot of interest and PO’s from shops around the country. We welcome anyone who wants to resell our American Kratom keychains gives us an email at for bulk pricing, and white labeling options.


Talk to the growers

Just reply to this email to get in touch with us! Or you can join our Facebook group (KratomTheTree Group)


Customer grow report


Last Months Video


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